Poems by Jernail S. Aanand

Poems by Jernail S. Aanand     SHAKESPEARE, PLEASE EXCUSE   Earn wealth, own cars, Keep building castles Of prosperity Sky is the limit. Nothing can chek you Except your own vision.   And the motivational talks Inspired millions To work hard, create wealth, And make this civilization And themselves happy. What is wrong […]

Poems by Jernail S. Aanand

Better and Other Poems

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Chidozie Okonkwo


I could do it better —teach you how to undo small things that take up big parts. —swim back to the land of origins, and become the ideal plot in the emotional narrative of the gods. We will dream dreams and take flights —of ecstasy and of glee. We will meditate in the sunlight and by the magic caves. What will you be doing tonight? Let us run to the breadth of Olympus, catching bliss. There we will become things growing metaphors in God's face. The myth of the ages, and the envy of Aphrodite's failed affair with Adonis. Then we will become another thing, something priceless. a whole new different emotion, the real depth of what humans feel when they are so close to true love. We would be unattainable. It doesn't have a name yet. If you give me your hand and I hold…

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