Jonah of the Seas

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Fred Klein

Percy Soames was a small man with a baby face that made him look younger than his 32 years. He was elated that he had his first-class ticket on the maiden voyage of the Titanic to New York. There he would be able to socialize with the Guggenheims, Astors, and Strauses. He had gotten into land speculation and thought that New York would be the perfect place to make his fortune with its new skyscraper buildings.

Looking at the Titanic was awe-inspiring. It was the biggest, fastest ship ever built, and it was supposedly unsinkable. The black hull with the white superstructure and the four funnels made it look like it was in constant motion.

He walked up the gangplank and was addressed by the purser. “The first-class cabins are up two levels more towards the bow of the ship.”

“Thank you, I am looking forward to…

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