Follow the Foot and Other Poems

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Ken Gosse

Follow the Foot

an ekphrastic poem about an accidental selfie of my foot

A picture containing building, furniture, rug, stair

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Whose toes are those which I suppose will tread the tread where each step rose beneath the carpet on each stair, well-worn although not yet thread-bare? The foot itself shows signs of age while still demanding to engage its creaking knee twixt calf and thigh, and hips that moan and groan a sigh which once swayed to a lullaby while holding children to its chest (men’s hips are not where infants rest nor do we call men’s chest a breast or bosom, quite unlike the best— a mother’s—where life first was blessed). At seventy, the foot malingers as do aching, stiffened fingers, pondering the steps it takes to sally forth, not leaving aches and pains behind (which brings to mind a source of comfort, oft maligned, and yet, a very favored part, a…

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