The First Day of Spring? and I Know That I Know Nothing

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Ian Copestick

The First Day of Spring?

I was out walking
this afternoon, and
suddenly it seemed
as if the atmosphere
changed. The wind
stopped cutting into
me, I could sense the
sun on my face.
In the distance, I could
see the sunlight being
reflected in windows,
golden, dazzling ! My
spirit suddenly lifted.
It was like hearing a
great piece of music,
or reading a really
inspirational poem.

The first day of spring ?

I hope so. 

I Know That I Know Nothing

I sit here, on top of 48 years. I get sick of myself, so God knows how other people may feel. Sometimes it seems like I have been here, forever, at other times I feel just like a child. But, at least I know that I know nothing. That is the only way that wisdom comes. Are the philosophers the ones to take notice…

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