Room Without Company and Other Poems

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By John Grey

Room Without Company

A room without company  
is as lonely as a blank sheet of paper.
But then I start to write something 
on that paper.
The words don’t just appear –
they join me.

When someone enters,
the paradigm takes a shift
from within me to without.
I set aside the paper.
An other must be dealt with.

For a time
I’m returned to the world
that people inhabit.
We make conversation but,
more than that,
I acknowledge 
someone else’s solitude 
and how they deal with it
differently from me.

Then the person leaves
and I take a glance at
what I’d written
before they came.
It’s banal and boring.
I squish it up
and toss it in the trash.

A room without company
is as lonely as a poem
that doesn’t work.

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When we’re almost eye to eye with…

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